Hannah Garrett

Associate Attorney

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, Hannah grew up working in a family-owned business and has a passion for helping businesses and the people that run them.

She knows that starting and owning a business is a gutsy move made by people who have identified their goals and are willing to forge a path to achieve them. Hannah sees her role as building strong client relationships and sorting out the legal nuts and bolts of a situation so that clients are free to actually run their business.

Before becoming an attorney, Hannah worked at a technology startup where she learned to be a creative problem solver capable of thinking outside the box while also keeping clients at the center of her focus. She understands that businesses are made up of people; her goal is to help those people identify and avoid potential issues, enabling them to run their business with confidence.

Much of her work since becoming an attorney has been with companies in the new and constantly changing hemp industry. She understands that in new businesses, particularly those in new industries, things move quickly and issues often arise without warning, making her devotion to clients and ability to think on her feet her best tools.

Hannah’s innovative approach to legal services offers flexible options for business formation, contracts, regulatory compliance in hemp and other industries, and advice. With a variety of fee structures and comprehensive packages for the different parts of a business’s life cycle, she is happy to work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs.