What Should I Do If I Am Arrested?

man handcuffed in interrogation room

If you’ve been arrested on a possession or sales charge, you should make it your priority to contact a drug defense lawyer in Nashville as soon as possible. The following tips can help you when you’ve been arrested.

No amount of research on the internet or amateur criminal law knowledge is going to help you improve your situation. Only by hiring a good attorney can you ensure that your rights are upheld. People make a number of common mistakes when they are arrested, many of which hurt their cases tremendously. While not to be confused with actual legal advice, the following tips can help you cope when you’ve been arrested.

Mind Your Manners

Remain calm. Resisting, fighting, and arguing is going to get you nowhere. Correction, it could get you in more serious trouble than you’re already in. Keep your rebellious thoughts to yourself and remember that the courtroom is the appropriate place to wage your battle. 

Act Quickly

The faster you can obtain a drug defense lawyer in Nashville, the better off you’ll be. The wheels of justice move slowly, but it may not seem like it when prosecution starts building its case against you. You need to have ample time to both protect your rights and build your own case. The quicker you can get an attorney on your side, the sooner you can both get to work. Don't delay, and never speak to law enforcement without an attorney.

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