My case was a juvenile/custody issue. In the past, I would agree with bad lawyer jokes, BUT NOT ANYMORE! THIS GUY WAS FANTASTIC! Honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, kept me informed all the way through the whole case, in one word to describe Mr. Clark: SUPERHERO! I wouldn’t trust another attorney. This attorney is one in a million. Loved his professionalism, loved the results of my case!



I hired Mr. Brazil when I was charged with my 5th DUI. Needless to say, I was looking at a very serious charge with very serious consequences. Right from the start, Frank assured me he would do everything within his power to lessen my pending consequences. I have had numerous lawyers in the past and they all said the same thing but I honestly never felt like it was genuine. When Frank said it, for some reason, I knew he meant it and that was so comforting. Long story short, my charge was reduced to DUI 2nd. I did 18 months of drug court. I received absolutely no jail time and I did not lose my license. Honest, professional, genuine, affordable, respected, and hands down the best lawyer I have ever hired for sure!!! If you find yourself facing a legal matter I strongly urge you to hire Mr. Brazil to represent you. You have my word it will be an extremely wise decision on your part!!!



I hired Wes to represent me in a custody case because a friend recommended him. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered my questions at every step of the process. Unlike attorneys I had in the past, he ALWAYS returned my phone calls quickly. I really felt like he was there for me whenever I needed him. He treated me like I was important and he got me exactly what I expected based on our first consultation. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.



I have had the privilege of knowing Frank Ross Brazil for several years. He is a motivated man with great integrity, so when I hit a rough patch in life requiring me to seek legal help, he was the first person that popped into my head. He began by putting my mind at ease, reassuring me that not only will everything be alright, but also, that we would receive our desired outcome. For the amount of time it took to resolve all of my pending court cases, Ross stayed in constant contact daily and weekly and made himself available to me any time of the day for anything that I needed. To make a long story short, Ross was correct. We did get every desired outcome through the court system in a reasonable amount of time. I hope I never have to require his services again, but if I do, Ross will be the only person that I put my confidence in. He is a great attorney, and an even better friend. I recommend him to anyone in need of legal services. He will look out for your best interest, and help you navigate through any rough patches that you may have in life.



Mr. Wesley Clark provided impeccable services for me in a recent custody suit. His knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and communication made a very difficult and emotional time for me much more bearable. He projects kindness, an optimistic attitude and thoroughly knows the law. Without him there is no doubt in my mind, I could not have achieved my objective. I highly recommend Mr. Clark. He shows the difference between a lawyer and a good lawyer. Wesley Clark cares about his clients.



I found myself in a spot I never thought I would be in, and then Frank came into the picture. My caseload was more than the average persons, and without his tireless work, I don't know how it would have went. Frank Brazil is not only a good attorney, but he is a great friend and encouraged me to get my life back together. He is an awesome man and a role model for success. My life could have went in any direction, and I could have gotten any lawyer, but I am so grateful it was Frank. You will not be disappointed.