Civil Rights Law Attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee

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If you suspect your civil privileges are already breached, the first step is always to make an appointment with a civil rights attorney. Keep in mind, your civil privileges are guaranteed, and unjust treatment dependant on your religious opinions, disabilities, racial history, or sex, isn’t allowed.

In each field of law, any attorney who wishes to be successful must have particular character traits and skills which will allow him or her to distinguish themselves from the rest of the group of lawyers. These skills vary using the fields of regulation. Organizational and transaction abilities are most useful for your business planning lawyer, whereas scientific and technical knowledge will enable the patent lawyer to achieve success. Your Civil Rights Attorney Nashville should also aim to possess or achieve certain skills which will help them win your case as well as potentially creating new law. Following is an explanation of the most crucial characteristics which a civil litigation attorney should possess.

So you have a fantastic case, or perhaps a case that is winnable so long as people can recognize your concept of law. What distinguishes unsuccessful from successful attorneys and cases is the lawyer’s capability to communicate to the decision-maker, be it the jury or the judge, the premise of the theory and also the reason behind selecting your proposed outcome. The conversation is a lot more important than interpersonal or persuasion skills or any other factor combined. The reason being is that communication underlies every crucial attribute that a successful civil rights attorney Nashville must obtain. Understand who you are communicating with and the reason for your communication.

The trial is how your attorney will excel. Here, they pick a jury, give raising and lowering claims, examine and cross-examine witnesses and develop a compelling defense for the jury or judge. If the civil case doesn’t go positively, there’s something called an appeal that can be created by the civil litigation lawyer on the client’s behalf. If successful in the appeal, an unfavorable decision can be overturned.



Every citizen of the United States has certain rights, including the freedoms of speech, religion, and press, the right to bear arms and the right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. Underlying these basic freedoms is the value that a person should have the same protection of the laws, regardless of their race, color or certain other personal characteristics. If you suspect that you were the victim of a civil rights violation, call our experienced civil rights attorney Nashville to discuss the circumstances of your case and to receive sound legal advice regarding your potential claim.

Many civil rights cases are associated with a person’s race. Sometimes governmental officials or employees are involved with these types of cases. Some cases involve police abuse or false imprisonment. Racial profiling is another area of concern. For example, in 2009, out of over 500,000 individuals that were stopped by the police in traffic stops in New York City, 87% of the individuals were Hispanic or African American who represented only a little over half of the city’s population.

Other civil rights cases involve discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, age or disability. These groups are considered protected classes of individuals and laws are in place to prevent discrimination against individuals on these bases. A civil rights attorney Nashville is aware of the various laws that protect individuals and can use this information to provide compensation to victims of civil rights violations.

Some civil rights violations rise to the level of criminal activity. Examples of this type of situation include slavery rings, hate crimes, exploitation of migrant workers and interference with the practice of religion. Some crimes provide for monetary compensation to the victims of these types of violations and some states provide restitution for funeral costs, medical expenses, lost wages and crime scene clean-up. However, the laws of each state vary. Brazil Clark's civil rights attorney can explain how the laws apply in Tennessee.

If a person suspects that their rights have been violated, they should complete certain steps to help with the claim. The first step is to document specific details related to the event in question. If an organization or entity is in place regarding the particular type of violation, you should make a complaint with this organization or entity. Making a public record of the incident will draw attention to the incident and the other party’s wrong actions. Your civil rights attorney Nashville should then be contacted. Our civil rights attorney can objectively assess a case and determine whether the case is worth taking to trial or pursuing. Civil rights cases are particularly difficult to litigate because of the difficulty in proving that a violation occurred and proving how the victim was actually damaged from the wrong acts. An experienced attorney will inform you whether or not the case is worth the time and expense of litigation.

The Law Firm of Brazil Clark assists victims who need the assistance of a civil rights attorney. If your civil rights were violated please contact us to schedule a free case review.

Nashville Civil Rights Attorney Offering You Protection

A civil rights lawyer is necessary for arrays of reasons every day. These rights are designed to protect individuals from discrimination and harassment from government officials, the police, or others within the country such as employers. It’s illegal to harass a person because of his or her religion, race, age, national origin, sexual preference or physical and mental condition. Even though it’s illegal to discriminate, it happens all the time. That’s when an attorney who specializes in these offenses needs to be brought into the picture. Here are some examples of modern-day situations and cases of civil rights violations:

Religious Persecution. America was originally started because the Puritans were being discriminated against by officials in England. They settled in a new country in order to have religious freedom. Still, people today are hassled on a regular basis for being a certain religion.

Race. Racial profiling still occurs today as well. Back in the days of segregation and overt racism, it was common practice to treat people differently according to the color of their skin. Today, even though it has been turned down somewhat, racism still exists. In a small town in Arizona, a school mural depicting a black child in the forefront drew a vocal protest from a local municipal official, although he was later recalled by his constituents.

Age. Ageism (also referred to as Ageism) exists all over the workplace. Just because a person is elderly doesn’t mean he or she is no longer competent. In fact, older workers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them. Still, many gray-haired employees and job applicants are treated as second-class citizens. Some older individuals that are passed over for promotions or job opportunities because of their ageism are motivated to try plastic surgery in order to escape these stereotypes.

National Origin. Individuals are discriminated against not only for where they were born but also for where their family members were born. After the 9/11 catastrophe, many perfectly innocent citizens who had DNA from the Middle East were terrorized themselves, simply because of their dark skin and apparel. Currently, laws in states such as Arizona allow police officers to question brown-skinned individuals about their citizenship for no other reason than their appearance.

Sexual preference. Gays are constantly discriminated against. They can’t get married in many states and so are banned from having medical insurance through their partners’ employer. They are often shunned and not allowed certain rights, jobs or opportunities simply because of their sexual preferences.

Physical or Mental Condition. If a person has a mental or physical handicap, it’s against the law for an employer to discriminate against them as long as they can perform the job duties. It’s even illegal for a company to ask certain questions linked to private mental or physical conditions.

When a person has been discriminated against or harassed due to their religion, race, age, national origin, sexual preference, physical or mental condition, it can be a power zapping experience. It is also against the law. If a person has experienced ill-treatment or unfair practices because of any of these, he or she should contact a civil rights lawyer for protection and guidance.