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Nashville Civil Rights Attorney Mark Downton takes a special interest in the rights of children. Based on a belief that troubled children need dignity, not cruelty, Attorney Downton routinely takes on the system. He has filed successful class action lawsuits against state and county entities for placing children into solitary confinement, improperly arresting and detaining children for minor infractions better handled by families, and allowing unchecked violence at youth development centers. Mr. Downton knows these problems are the tip of the iceberg, and wants to do more.

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Your Champion for Children’s Rights.

Criminal Defense

If you need the aid of a criminal defense attorney, you need to get in touch with Attorney Downton as soon as possible to have the best defense. You can’t afford to delay when your future and personal freedom are at stake.

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Civil Rights

If you suspect that you were the victim of a civil rights violation, call our experienced civil rights Attorney Downton to discuss the circumstances of your case and to receive sound legal advice regarding your potential claim.

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Family Law

When you hire our firm to represent you in your divorce or other family law case, we have one goal: achieving the best possible outcome as quickly and affordably as possible. We make sure that you understand all available options.

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In Their Own Words

  • As a person who has never needed a Lawyer for any reason, I had a situation recently I met with a lot of lawyers and most of them were only concerned about the payment for the services they provide, now I understand a lawyer is not free. When I met Mark Downton money was the last thing on his mind I told him my situation and he got on the phone right away and started making calls taking it very personally as if I was his family, he updated me step by step so I wouldn't feel lost in what was taking place. He made sure I understood what he was doing. I never met anyone so passionate about what they do and helping people like a superhero without a cape. Thank you

    Actual Client
  • Mark Downton went above and beyond in our case. He took the time to talk to us put together all the details and build a strong case. He was honest in telling us what to expect and how the legal system works, and did not sugar coat anything or promise something that he could not do. He has compassion for people and it shows in his work, the myth that lawyers don't have a heart is so not true with Mark Downton. We did win our case and have visitation with our grandson's and we owe that to Mark. Without him, I feel we would have lost contact with our grandsons. Our life is brighter because of him. I will recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone needing a lawyer!!

    Actual Client
  • I endorse this lawyer. Mark is an excellent advocate for his clients in Juvenile Court. I have seen him work hard in those cases with great success. He never stops fighting until all opportunities, including appeal, are exhausted.

    Fellow Attorney

A Voice For Children

Nashville Civil Rights Attorney Mark Downton recognizes that children cannot thrive when all they see of the world is the pain. When the people who are supposed to protect them hurt them instead. The law doesn’t allow us to give up on these children, or to systemically turn them into the criminals we fear. Attorney Mark Downton insists that the system can and must help these children, so he forces that help through litigation whenever necessary. Children have rights too and Mark is their champion.

Mr. Downton’s civil rights cases allow children who have very little access to justice to redress systemic wrongs. He gives them a voice and makes them change agents instead of victims. These cases do not cost the children or their families any money, as Mr. Downton’s fees are paid by the wrong-doers instead of the victims (if he succeeds). Mark believes that the judicial system is currently the only vehicle for addressing these problems because state lawmakers will not.

Feel free to contact Nashville Civil Rights Attorney Mark Downton if you are aware of constitutional violations of children’s rights.

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